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Re: ongoing slepc/petsc transition

Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> (23/01/2012):
> deal.II detects the PETSc version and acts accordingly, I believe 7.1.0
> will work through 3.2.  I need to work on upgrading from 7.0.0 to 7.1.0.


> Illuminator has major problems -- the PETSc object on which all of
> illuminator is based has changed drastically.  This will require major
> upstream surgery, and the new version will not be data-compatible with
> the old.
> Since upstream is me, I can tell you I will not have time for the
> foreseeable future (couple of months at least) to port illuminator to
> PETSc 3.2.  It will need to come out of testing when PETSc
> transitions. :-(


> Can't speak for the others (dolfin, feel++, gmsh).

That means one “OK-able” package, one “oops-broken-for-a-long-while”
package, and several “unknown-status” packages. To keep everyone as
testing candidates until this transition is ready, maybe re-uploading
petsc 3.1 would do the trick? (Either with an epoch or with the
3.2-is-really-3.1-like dirty version.) This way, all packages can stay
in testing and be updated through unstable w/o having to be entangled?


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