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ongoing slepc/petsc transition


it seems there's currently a move from petsc and slepc 3.1 to 3.2 in
sid.  In addition to the library package names changing, presumably
because the new versions are not binary-compatible, the devel package
were also renamed, from libpetsc3.1-dev and libslepc3.1-dev to
libpetsc3.2-dev and libslepc3.2-dev.  Which is a problem, because it
means every single reverse dependency would need debian/control changes.

Is the new petsc/slepc API really completely incompatible with 3.1, such
that all reverse dependencies need source changes to cope with 3.2?  If
not, what's the reason for changing the -dev package names?  If yes, was
the change coordinated with the reverse deps so things don't stay broken
for too long?  Is anyone willing to take care of making this happen?

FWIW the affected packages seem to be:
- deal.ii
- dolfin
- feel++
- gmsh
- illuminator
- libmesh


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