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Re: lusca - should it be in Debian?

Il giorno 02/dic/2011, alle ore 12:41, Steve McIntyre ha scritto:

> On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 05:36:23AM +0100, Luigi Gangitano wrote:
>> Il giorno 01/dic/2011, alle ore 19:18, Steve McIntyre ha scritto:
>>> Hi Luigi,
>>> I'm working through the list of build failures for armhf while we
>>> bring up the new architecture, and I've just got to lusca. I'm
>>> concerned about the status of this package:
>>> * it's an svn snapshot of a fork of squid
>>> * it's been uploaded once into Debian
>>> * there are 2 serious bugs open against it for over 2 months without
>>>  any response from you as the maintainer
>>> * a very low popcon score suggests it has a very small number of
>>>  users
>>> Please re-consider if this package should be in the archive or not.
>> Hi Steve,
>> Lusca is a promising fork of Squid 2.x from Adrian Chadd once he left
>> the Squid development team. I support his idea of modularization of
>> squid 2.x and added the package to Debian hoping to get some momentum
>> around it.
>> Development seems to lag upstream, however, and will surely consider
>> if it should be released in Wheezy, once the freeze approaches.
> OK, that's fair enough I guess. But are you going to do any work on
> the package in the meantime, like fixing the RC bugs? If not, it
> should be pulled from the archive now rather than leaving it until the
> freeze.

Yes, I will handle those bugs during the coming week.



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