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Re: lusca - should it be in Debian?

On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 05:36:23AM +0100, Luigi Gangitano wrote:
>Il giorno 01/dic/2011, alle ore 19:18, Steve McIntyre ha scritto:
>> Hi Luigi,
>> I'm working through the list of build failures for armhf while we
>> bring up the new architecture, and I've just got to lusca. I'm
>> concerned about the status of this package:
>> * it's an svn snapshot of a fork of squid
>> * it's been uploaded once into Debian
>> * there are 2 serious bugs open against it for over 2 months without
>>   any response from you as the maintainer
>> * a very low popcon score suggests it has a very small number of
>>   users
>> Please re-consider if this package should be in the archive or not.
>Hi Steve,
>Lusca is a promising fork of Squid 2.x from Adrian Chadd once he left
>the Squid development team. I support his idea of modularization of
>squid 2.x and added the package to Debian hoping to get some momentum
>around it.
>Development seems to lag upstream, however, and will surely consider
>if it should be released in Wheezy, once the freeze approaches.

OK, that's fair enough I guess. But are you going to do any work on
the package in the meantime, like fixing the RC bugs? If not, it
should be pulled from the archive now rather than leaving it until the

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