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Re: [RFC] libevent 2.0 transition

Leo 'costela' Antunes <costela@debian.org> wrote:


> How much time would you need to get your new version in releasable
> shape? I wanted to get libevent in sid as fast as possible because of
> another of my packages, but it can wait a bit if it helps.

Thankfully, it is in a releasable shape :) I have a few tests to run and
then some changes to make to the packaging before it's ready to go.

If at all possible, I'd like to get one last libevent-based version in
testing so as to carry a few bug fixes into squeeze-backports.

So if it's possible for you to delay for another 2 weeks, that'd be
great. That is assuming nothing will go wrong with testing migration and
no impact from other transitions, of course.

Let me know what's possible for you; I'll have everything ready in the
next few days, possibly as soon as tomorrow or even tonight.


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