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[RFC] libevent 2.0 transition

[please CC]


I uploaded a new version of libevent to experimental which I'd like to migrate to unstable as soon as possible. Since I'm the new guy helping out with libevent and since this would be my first "bigish" transition, I'd like to run it by the release team to make sure I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.

The new version is a jump from the 1.* series to the 2.* series, which certainly breaks the ABI, but shouldn't break the API for most cases. However, since libevent exposes a relatively big number of internal structures in the headers, there are ways to abuse the API in non-compatible ways.

I've rebuild all reverse-build-deps against the new version and only 7 from the 32 fail to build (more details below).
Now I intended to write to -devel with all affected maintainers CC'd, requesting further testing and input and after all have ack'd the problems and have solutions in place, I'd go ahead with the upload to unstable.
Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Did I miss something important?

About the FTBFSs:
beanstalkd:    syntax error; maybe using some changed define?
ladvd:         builds correctly, fails on 1 of 6 tests ("HTTP request failed")
forked-daapd:  includes event-config.h, which has been moved to event2/event-config.h (I could provide a compat-symlink)
python-event:  bona fide build failure (I couldn't grok the underlying reason just by looking at the log)
memcached:     ditto
lua-event:     ditto
honeyd:        doesn't seem related (configure: error: Couldn't figure out how to access libc)


Leo "costela" Antunes
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