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Re: Openssl 1.0.0

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 00:27:51 +0100, Kurt Roeckx wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to upload version 1.0.0(d) to unstable soon.  It
> changes soname, but as far as I know the API is still compatible
> with the old one, and you should be able to rebuild everything
> against the new version.
> I wonder if I need to upload an openssl098 source package at
> the same time to provide the current soname.  I would really
> like to avoid having the old soname in wheezy, so I would like
> to get rid of it as soon as possible and don't plan to keep
> a -dev package for it in any case.
We should keep both SONAMES in sid and wheezy for now, IMO.  So I think
that means first upload openssl 1.0.0 as a new source package without
the -dev (this can probably happen now).  Then when that's in testing
and you get an ack, switch the -dev from 0.9.8 to 1.0.0.

> Please let me know what I should do, and when you think it's
> a good time to do that.
We'll let you know.  Thanks for your patience.


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