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Bug#612097: Re[2]: Bug#612097: Re[2]: Bug#612097: Permission to upload q4wine to testing-proposed-updates for fixing #612027


* Boris Pek <tehnick-8@mail.ru> [2011-02-28 20:02:14 CET]:
> > You asked for permission to upload q4wine to stable. What do you
> > think I mean?
> Ok. I can articulate otherwise.
> I applied this patch to q4wine sources 0.118-4 and built q4wine 0.118-5.
> There was no error when assembling the package.

 And the diff was acknowledged by Julien, so the next stage to happen is
the actual upload. You are expected to get the package uploaded to
stable. You should run this through your sponsor to upload the package,
just like you are running an upload to unstable through your sponsor.

 If you are unable to find a sponsor for the upload to stable, feel free
to ping me and I'll look if I can find the time to do it for this time.

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