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Bug#612097: Re[2]: Bug#612097: Re[2]: Bug#612097: Re[2]: Bug#612097: Permissionto upload q4wine to testing-proposed-updates for fixing #612027


> And the diff was acknowledged by Julien, so the next stage to happen is
> the actual upload. You are expected to get the package uploaded to
> stable. You should run this through your sponsor to upload the package,
> just like you are running an upload to unstable through your sponsor.
> If you are unable to find a sponsor for the upload to stable, feel free
> to ping me and I'll look if I can find the time to do it for this time.

Thank you for the explanation.
I uploaded the package to m.d.n.:
And wrote about it to sponsor.
But he is very busy now and doesn't know when he be able to upload package into Debian.


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