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[SRM] update for network-manager in 6.0.1

Hi release team,

I'd like to upload a few fixes for network-manager in the upcoming point
release. Please let me know which of the following patches you consider
appropriate. I'd then prepare the debdiff for final review or upload directly,
whatever you prefer.


Ifupdown internally converts hyphens to underscores, this means it supports both
bridge-ports and bridge_ports.
The linked patch updates the ifupdown plugin to support both variants.
Patch has been sent upstream and accepted.

Fixes #609831, severity important


The migration script did not properly quote the interface when disabling an
entry in /etc/network/interfaces. This could lead to a broken /e/n/i file.
Patch has been sent upstream and accepted.

Fixes #612247, severity serious


This patch correctly handles device removal when properties are unreadable. This
is a highly annoying bug when you plug/unplug network devices, as you had to
restart network-manager without this patch. Patch is cherry-picked from upstream

Fixes #605570, severity important.

Newer versions of dnsmasq validate the option parameters more strictly.
Instead of passing a bogus file name simply use --conf-file without
additional parameters.
Without this patch, Ad-Hoc mode for wireless connections is broken.
Patch is cherry-picked from upstream Git.

Fixes: #615082, severity important

Please note: The version of dnsmasq in squeeze is not affected by this
behaviour, so this would be more of a good-to-have in case of people using
backports of dnsmasq.


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