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Re: please allow freevo 1.9.0-9

On Thu, Jan  6, 2011 at 17:24:25 +0100, A Mennucc wrote:

> Dear jcristau and d-release all,
> the current version of freevo in testing is 1.9.0-7 ; it is affected by
> RC bugs
>   #607921 "python-freevo: package fails to upgrade properly from lenny".
>   #606782 "freevo messes with /home"
So the change to debian/freevo.default is ugly.  The point of these
files are to set variables used by the init script, not be random shell
scripts, see policy 9.3.2.

     Often there are some variables in the `init.d' scripts whose values
     control the behavior of the scripts, and which a system administrator
     is likely to want to change.  As the scripts themselves are frequently
     `conffile's, modifying them requires that the administrator merge in
     their changes each time the package is upgraded and the `conffile'
     changes.  To ease the burden on the system administrator, such
     configurable values should not be placed directly in the script.
     Instead, they should be placed in a file in `/etc/default', which
     typically will have the same base name as the `init.d' script.  This
     extra file should be sourced by the script when the script runs.  It
     must contain only variable settings and comments in SUSv3 `sh' format.
     It may either be a `conffile' or a configuration file maintained by
     the package maintainer scripts.  See Section 10.7, `Configuration
     files' for more details.


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