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Re: Freeze exception for yaWP 0.3.5?

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Dear Julien,
Kai Wasserbäch schrieb am 27.10.2010 12:41:
> Dear Julien,
> Julien Cristau schrieb am 26.10.2010 22:18:
>> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 21:39:12 +0200, Kai Wasserbäch wrote:
>>> sorry for being in-concise: I just wanted a ok for adding the "copyright change"
>>> the way I did. As the added notices were part of upstream's diff between 0.3.4
>>> and 0.3.5 and you said the whole 0.3.5 changes wouldn't be ok for Squeeze, I put
>>> just those changes (adding the copyright notices) in a patch, which gets applied
>>> by dpkg-source.
>> Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to say they wouldn't be ok, just that without a
>> description of what they were supposed to fix I didn't know whether they
>> would be acceptable or not.  Anyway, if you'd like to upload with just
>> the copyright fix, then go ahead.
> Ah, ok. Then I try to explain the other changes, because it would be much easier
> for me to just have the latest upstream version in Squeeze. ;)
> First of all: the remaining changes are very minor wrt their impact on how
> stable yaWP is. Most of them are replacing "(KDE_VERSION_MINOR == 3 &&
> KDE_VERSION_RELEASE >= 70) || KDE_VERSION_MINOR == 4" with the macro provided by
> KDE ("KDE_IS_VERSION(4,3,70)") in #if…#else…#endif parts of the code. And
> nothing (from the code path chosen) will change for Debian.
> Then there is one bug fixed, which is present in the current Debian version: the
> determination of when sunrise/-set will occur wasn't working all the time as
> expected.
> The remaining changes only affect builds against a KDE >= 4.5.{0,2}, which isn't
> in Squeeze (4.4.3).

Sorry: should have been KDE 4.4.5.

> So I'd say the risk for Debian would be minimal. But in case KDE 4.5 will enter
> Debian Squeeze at a later point (e.g. point-release), then yaWP would be ready
> already.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: I just noticed, that I've sent the last e-mail to you instead of the list,
therefore I'm citing it here almost in full.


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