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Re: Please unblock pianobar 2010.10.07-1

On Thu, Oct  7, 2010 at 10:29:39 -0400, Luke Faraone wrote:

> Hi,
> Pianobar is currently broken in testing due to an upstream API change.
> The only change between the previous version in unstable (which was not
> in testing) and the new version is an API fix, but there were a few new
> features added since the package in testing.
> The version in testing, 0+git20100420.3072c5a-1, was a pre-release
> snapshot. Supporting pre-release git snapshots will be more difficult in
> the future.
> Version 2010.08.21-1, which was in unstable for the past month, has been
> widely used without problems. The only change between 2010.08.21-1 and
> 2010.10.07-1 is the protocol fix. The log from upstream can be found at
> <http://github.com/PromyLOPh/pianobar/commits/master>.
> Pianobar does not export any public libraries, so there is no concern
> for API or ABI problems.
Unblocked.  Is there any guarantee the protocol won't change again
during squeeze's lifetime?


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