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Bug#600210: Freeze Exception: libgda4

On Sun, 2010-10-24 at 11:31 +0200, Piotr Pokora wrote: 
> On 23.10.2010 19:44, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> >> Without this release, any derived application or library breaks to build
> >> with GObject Introspection enabled.
> >
> > Which of the fixes mentioned in upstream's changelog does the above
> > refer to?
> * libgda/gda-debug-macros.h, libgda/gda-transaction-status.c: Removed
> 	internal debug macros

Both of those changes are to code which is in "#ifdef GDA_DEBUG" blocks.
Surely not everything builds with GDA_DEBUG turned on?

> > (and if it's a critical bug, why is it not at least mentioned in the
> > package's changelog and/or filed in the BTS?)
> This bug is critical for libraries or application which have to be built 
> with GObject Introspection. Currently there's (at least) anjuta and glom 
> packages which depend on libgda, but do not use GIR.
> Besides, many developers who build applications on top of libgda 
> complains about this library, not being up to date in available official 
> repositories. Libgda is the only one, open source library which provides 
> common access to databases, and thus should be available with minimal 
> amount of bugs.

"People will complain if its out of date" is not a valid reason for a
freeze exception.  Besides, if upstream release 4.0.13 in a little
while, why won't people just complain about Squeeze not including that



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