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Please unblock pianobar 2010.10.07-1


Pianobar is currently broken in testing due to an upstream API change.
The only change between the previous version in unstable (which was not
in testing) and the new version is an API fix, but there were a few new
features added since the package in testing.

The version in testing, 0+git20100420.3072c5a-1, was a pre-release
snapshot. Supporting pre-release git snapshots will be more difficult in
the future.

Version 2010.08.21-1, which was in unstable for the past month, has been
widely used without problems. The only change between 2010.08.21-1 and
2010.10.07-1 is the protocol fix. The log from upstream can be found at

Pianobar does not export any public libraries, so there is no concern
for API or ABI problems.

Upstream changes between 0+git20100420.3072c5a-1 and 2010.08.21-1:
 * piano: New error QUICKMIX_NOT_PLAYABLE
 * HTTP proxy support
 * piano: Fix compiler warnings on OpenBSD
 * Switching build system again
 * waitress: Documentation
 * Fixing a warning in ezxml.
 * Control proxy overrides global proxy
 * Useless comparison removed
 * Feature: Custom station sorting
 * Replaced long argument list of ui callback functions
 * Common piano/eventcmd calls replaced by macros
 * Fix genre station NULL pointer dereference
 * Fix addFeedback
 * Add sort config option to manpage and example config file
 * libpiano: Fix wrong GET argument "method"
 * socksify/tsocks support
 * Make something useful with misc.sync response
 * Support for big endian machines

Upstream changes between 2010.08.21-1 and 2010.10.07-1:
 * Protocol version bump (v28)

I have used 2010.08.21-1 (the version that introduces new features)
extensively, and have verified that the fixes in 2010.10.07-1 works.

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