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Bug#600210: Freeze Exception: libgda4

On 23.10.2010 19:44, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
Without this release, any derived application or library breaks to build
with GObject Introspection enabled.

Which of the fixes mentioned in upstream's changelog does the above
refer to?

* libgda/gda-debug-macros.h, libgda/gda-transaction-status.c: Removed
	internal debug macros

(and if it's a critical bug, why is it not at least mentioned in the
package's changelog and/or filed in the BTS?)

This bug is critical for libraries or application which have to be built with GObject Introspection. Currently there's (at least) anjuta and glom packages which depend on libgda, but do not use GIR.

There's upcoming Midgard2 Content Repository library:
which is built against libgda and GIR.
It's in sid, but it'll trigger conflicts in case of backports.

Besides, many developers who build applications on top of libgda complains about this library, not being up to date in available official repositories. Libgda is the only one, open source library which provides common access to databases, and thus should be available with minimal amount of bugs.

GIR itself is quite new and young technology, but there will be more and more applications which are built on top of it.


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