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Re: Permission to upload gnome-power-manager 2.32.0 to unstable (Was: Re: Dropping libdevkit-power-gobject for squeeze.)

On 18.10.2010 23:05, Michael Biebl wrote:

>  71 files changed, 3670 insertions(+), 4923 deletions(-)
> Looks a bit scary at first. The high number of deleted lines is due to
> libhal-glib being removed (as it is no longer used), and if you don't count the
> very verbose Changelog, the diffstat looks a bit more sane.

And the vast majority of the changes come from the switch from
libdevkit-gobject-power to libupower-glib being a trivial search and replace.
As you can see from the debdiff, it's mostly a s/dkp_/up_/ and s/Dkp/Up/

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