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Re: Upload permission for PySide

Le lundi 27 septembre 2010 18:29:54 Didier 'OdyX' Raboud, vous avez écrit :
> Le dimanche 26 septembre 2010 10:46:24 Julien Cristau, vous avez écrit :
> > I would rank them pretty much the opposite way.  It seems to me that if
> > the bindings are still fast moving then whatever version we ship will be
> > too old when users for them appear.
> Okay. So you are leaving the responsability of the decision to me.
> NEW is basically a no-op these days, so it makes option iv) unrealist. I'd
> still be in favor of iii), which would fix the RC bugs while keeping a
> PySide version in Squeeze. Can I proceed?
> If no, I'll proceed with i), asking for the removal of the complete PySide
> B-D chain from Squeeze, although it'd be sad.

Hi dear Release Team, 

it sounds as if we were stuck in some sort of communication blackhole: I don't 
understand what more you do expect from me.

I already tried to express at best what sort of answer I am expecting from you, 
but let me rephrase that:

	What does the Release Team want:
	a) an upload of the {apiextractor, generatorrunner, shiboken, pyside} 
		packages currently in experimental to unstable, aimed at Squeeze (hence
		needing unblocks later on);
	b) a removal of {apiextractor, generatorrunner, shiboken, pyside} packages
		from Squeeze

As told, I am balanced between both options and would like you to pick one.

But as I asked for an upload permission, I will not upload new {a,g,s,p} 
packages to unstable without an explicit permission from you; but I will request 
removals from testing if you want.

Please also tell me if I am doing something wrong with this request.



Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens

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