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Re: NDOutils in squeeze

Mehdi Dogguy schrieb am Thursday, den 30. September 2010:

> On 09/30/2010 10:44 AM, Jan Wagner wrote:
> >> 
> >> That would have been possible until one month after the freeze. 
> >> Now, it's too late.
> > 
> > Sorry, I don't get the reason behind your "decision". ndoutils is ~7 
> > mounth in unstable without any problem, so it's mature enought for a 
> > stable release
> > 
> It also means that none of its users care enough of to ask for its
> inclusion in testing. Which, for me, says a lot. If you care enough for
> its inclusion in stable, please NMU it next time or contact us.
I don't know any user with a monitoring system that tracks testing. Nagios
users normally use stable or backports, so they don't see the problem.

(Just from my experience as a consultant for nagios/monitoring systems).

> > (the rc-buggy version is in stable anyways).
> Yeah, I overlooked that. The versions are "almost" the same:
>  118 files changed, 10397 insertions(+), 5387 deletions(-)
> (yeah, that's between the version that got removed and current sid's
> version).
Indeed, its just a bugfix release. imho ndoutils are a nightmare, but one
without alternatives. 

> > On Wednesday 29 September 2010 15:28:09 Alexander Wirt wrote:
> >> Most 3rd party reporting tools and most homebrew thingys around 
> >> that use ndo.
> >> 
> How can we quantify those?
You can't. You can trust on our experience, but thats up to you. 
> In the meantime, it's still blocked by nagios3 absent from kfreebsd-*…
> So, even if I unblock it, it won't migrate.
I don't see any option to fix that bug soon. I removed the build-dep yesterday,
the resulting package builds on kfreebsd, but anyhow the resulting cgis just
segfault (I'm sure is has nothing to do with the ping thingy). So I think we
should just remove nagios3 and ndoutils from kfreebsd until one of the
kfreebsd porters fixes the problem. 

What do you think? 

Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
CC99 2DDD D39E 75B0 B0AA  B25C D35B BC99 BC7D 020A

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