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Re: Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze?

Le dimanche 14 mars 2010 à 21:42 +0100, Philipp Kern a écrit :
> It would be great if every team on track could send us a short mail to
> debian-release@lists.debian.org and if every team that still faces work
> could write up a corresponding bug report filed against release.debian.org,
> preferably with proper blocked by[1] annotations if bugs are filed for the
> issues at hand.  Like this our progress is publically trackable, maybe
> even motivating besides the high RC bug count.  Please file the bugs at
> normal severity, the Release Team will prioritise them afterwards.

We intend to ship GNOME 2.30 in squeeze. As I already explained on IRC,
this implies a number of transitions if we want all of it.

evince : minor transition with few packages involved, but can be
entangled with others through gnome-python-desktop. No poppler
transition planned, yay!

Evolution : business as usual, all packages depending on libcamel,
evolution, evolution-data-server or libedata-cal will need a transition.
Yves-Alexis told me he’ll upload as much as possible of it to

gnome-desktop : this soname change includes some API deletions, so it
will have to be in sync with some of the depending packages.

totem-pl-parser : soname change, already ready in experimental.

libxklavier : probably the hardest one to conduct. Will require patches
to depending packages, including KDE and Xfce. What makes it worse is
that it’s mandatory for gnome-settings-daemon, which in turn affects
control-center. We’ll try to prepare everything in experimental, and if
it turns out to be impossible to conduct, we will have to make g-s-d
build against the older libxklavier/libgnomekbd.

I intend to upload all packages that need a transition to experimental
something like next week, unless someone else from the team beats me to

There will also be a Telepathy transition, but the Telepathy team should
know better, and an opal/ptlib one, for which the VoIP team knows

You can add to that new major versions for glib2.0, pango1.0 and gtk+2.0
and packaging changes to cope with d-i migrating to X11. We’re currently
discussing whether to do both at once or to wait for d-i to be ready
before upgrading the GTK+ stack.

Finally, there is work to integrate the new version of GDM in squeeze.
It is almost ready, but there’s a blocker bug remaining before it can be
uploaded. Given the number of regressions, the package will be named
differently (gdm3). Which one will be installed by default in squeeze
has not been decided yet, but I tend to prefer to set gdm3 (if it turns
out not too buggy) for new installations while keeping gdm for upgrades.

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