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Re: Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze?

[Please keep me Cc:ed, as I'm not subscribed to debian-release; note
that the FusionForge list is moderated for non-members]

Philipp Kern, 2010-03-14 21:42:58 +0100 :

> Dear fellow developers,
> we all want to get out squeeze as soon as possible.  Currently we are
> still at 400 bugs concerning the next stable release, with 300 of them
> not yet fixed in unstable.
> We would like to know what needs attention, what bugs still need to be
> fixed in your package before squeeze is released, which features or
> new upstream versions you want to see in squeeze which are not ready
> yet.  Furthermore we would like to get an overview of the remaining
> transitions that need to be done.
> It would be great if every team on track could send us a short mail to
> debian-release@lists.debian.org and if every team that still faces
> work could write up a corresponding bug report filed against
> release.debian.org,

I would very much like to get FusionForge 5.0 into Squeeze.  Wearing
both my Debian and my upstream hat, I pushed for a release process early
this year so we could do that, and I'm confident we can reach a stable
FusionForge release soon.  We'd very much like to be rid of the old
GForge name for Squeeze (even though some of the sub-packages are still
named gforge-* for now), and get a modern feature set in Debian
(multiple wikis, and support for new version control systems, for a

> preferably with proper blocked by[1] annotations if bugs are filed for
> the issues at hand.  Like this our progress is publically trackable,
> maybe even motivating besides the high RC bug count.  Please file the
> bugs at normal severity, the Release Team will prioritise them
> afterwards.

  There have been a few iterations for NEW since there were new binary
packages, and I just uploaded the latest one.  The upload went to
experimental, in case we discover something completely broken, but I
intend to push for a move to unstable as soon as it's seen some testing
beyond the instances I (and other upstream members) know of.

Roland Mas

Certains disent que les vrais hommes ne font pas de backups.
Mais ils disent aussi que même les vrais hommes pleurent parfois.

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