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Re: Timeouts

On Tue, Mar 09, 2010 at 10:46:54AM -0700, dann frazier wrote:
On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 10:56:53PM +0100, Joachim Breitner wrote:

Am Montag, den 08.03.2010, 22:42 +0100 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
> > This might be a solution, yes, though I would prefer not to do
> > this. You've managed to get highlighting-kate's build times down, making
> > it build everywhere but on armel (where it got tried on a sloooow
> > buildd, let's see if this gets better on one of the faster boxes). We
> > have similar problem with agda, could you have a look at that?
> Maybe Iain Lane can comment on agda.

speaking of which:

Building Agda-2.2.6...
[  1 of 191] Compiling Agda.Auto.NarrowingSearch ( src/full/Agda/Auto/NarrowingSearch.hs, dist-ghc6/build/Agda/Auto/NarrowingSearch.o )
E: Caught signal 'Terminated': terminating immediately
make: *** [build-ghc6-stamp] Terminated
Build killed with signal TERM after 1 minutes of inactivity

Isn???t this time limit a bit too low?

I put that in to cause agda to fail and stop retrying, adn then bumped
it back up.

The timeout is normally 300 minutes, but agda would continue to
generate output even when it had been wedged for over 12 hours.

I rather suspect that the monotonically increasing memory usage is the problem here. I don't know of a resolution, and the thread with the GHC devs didn't seem to offer anything up. Anyone have any ideas? Dann, did you have a look at the memory usage when the build was going on by any chance?

Anyway, this seems to be something that was introduced with 6.12. I wonder what we can do about this, besides p-a-s.


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