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Re: [SRM] Bug #554793

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 12:04:23PM +0000, Tim Small wrote:
> and it seems that only part of the fix has been applied - the change to
> /etc/init.d/wd_keepalive is not present WRT the patch in #554793

Right, and yes, I simply missed it. However, thinking about it some more I
wonder if that part is really important. The only use case is a restart of the
wd_keepalive daemon, but I simply cannot see a reason to do that. Please keep
in mind that wd_keepalive has only one use case, namely keeping the watchdog
device triggered while watchdog itself has not yet started or already ended. So
why should I restart it? Anyway, if yoz guys think it's worth it I will do a
lenny2 version.

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