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Re: Bug#456133: qiv imlib

+ Bart Martens (Mon, 13 Apr 2009 11:20:05 +0200):

> At this point, the most recent upstream version of qiv still needs the
> old imlib.

> Where to go from here ? Possible options:

> 1.  Barry is working with upstream to get qiv updated to no longer need
> the old imlib.  Let's appreciate Barry's efforts by giving Barry some
> more time to finish this effort.

> 2.  We could replace qiv by pqiv, which is a program that more or less
> behaves like qiv.

> 3.  Removal from Debian, although popcon reveals that there are still
> quite some users.

I suggest somebody packages pqiv, we let it migrate to testing, and then
we remove imlib11 and qiv from testing once icewm has stopped using it.

I don’t mind that we leave qiv around in unstable for users who may not
be happy with pqiv, and to “wait and see” if upstream moves and ends up
upgrading to imlib2. But if Squeeze comes and this has not happened, we
should remove qiv from unstable as well I think.

Bart, thanks for the pointer to pqiv: would you be up to packaging it?
I’m a qiv user myself, and after compiling it here, it seems to fill the
niche gracefully. If not, I’ll file a RFP.

Thoughts on this plan?

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        -- Rory and Lorelai

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