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Re: Bug#456133: qiv imlib

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 10:09 +0200, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> + Bart Martens (Mon, 13 Apr 2009 11:20:05 +0200):
> > At this point, the most recent upstream version of qiv still needs the
> > old imlib.
> > Where to go from here ? Possible options:
> > 1.  Barry is working with upstream to get qiv updated to no longer need
> > the old imlib.  Let's appreciate Barry's efforts by giving Barry some
> > more time to finish this effort.
> > 2.  We could replace qiv by pqiv, which is a program that more or less
> > behaves like qiv.
> > 3.  Removal from Debian, although popcon reveals that there are still
> > quite some users.
> I suggest somebody packages pqiv, we let it migrate to testing, and then
> we remove imlib11 and qiv from testing once icewm has stopped using it.
> I don’t mind that we leave qiv around in unstable for users who may not
> be happy with pqiv, and to “wait and see” if upstream moves and ends up
> upgrading to imlib2. But if Squeeze comes and this has not happened, we
> should remove qiv from unstable as well I think.
> Bart, thanks for the pointer to pqiv: would you be up to packaging it?
> I’m a qiv user myself, and after compiling it here, it seems to fill the
> niche gracefully. If not, I’ll file a RFP.
> Thoughts on this plan?

Good plan.  I just uploaded pqiv, so this will appear in NEW soon.  I
chose to package pqiv without "Conflicts/Provides/Replaces qiv".  At
least for now.  I see that qiv upstream has a new developer, so maybe
the imlib problem in qiv gets solved before squeeze freeze.

"Qiv is not longer supported by me (Adam Kopacz),
please visit the new Homepage: spiegl.de/qiv"


Bart Martens

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