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Re: NetworkManager testing migration

* Michael Biebl [Mon, 06 Apr 2009 03:03:40 +0200]:

> Hi!


> Adeodato Simó schrieb:

> > As you very well explain, gnome-main-menu also provides the libslab0
> > library, so gnome-main-menu can’t be just removed from testing to allow
> > for this transition to happen, since that would render gnome-control-center
> > uninstallable.

> Philipp said on IRC, that a partial removal of gnome-main-menu was
> possible, i.e. keep the binary packages libslab(0,-dev), which have no
> libnm-util dependencies and only remove the binary package
> gnome-main-menu. He also advised to contact debian-release about that.
> I guess I should have mentioned that ;-)

That’s a very, very gross hack (because it’s not supported in britney
proper), and I’d rather not do it unless the status of things start
becoming unacceptable.

Julian, given that the gnome-main-menu has acknowledged somebody taking
over maintenance of the package, can you give us an estimate date for an
upload of 0.9.12?


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