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Re: Bug#459324: gnome-main-menu: Official upstream release (0.9.12) available, fixing several memory leaks

Philipp Kern schrieb:
> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 04:02:54PM +0100, Luís Picciochi Oliveira wrote:
>> Why was this package never updated? Is testing still in freeze?
>> Meanwhile there is already a 0.9.12 version.
> The maintainer in Debian did not update the package.  This was nothing to
> do with releases whatsoever, so we are the wrong address.  You did not
> even put the maintainers into your recipient list.
> That said it should be updated in unstable for network-manager anyway.
> mbiebl?

I am not the maintainer of gnome-main-menu and honestly do not have much
interest or time to invest in it.

w.r.t. to network-manager, I would have considered to nmu the current
version in unstable and disable the NM support. Unfortunately this is
not easily.

Regarding the new upstream release, I only quickly glanced at ubuntu and
they seem to have 0.9.12, although labelled as dfsg. Apparently there
were some licensing/copyright issues.
As my interest in this package is only limited, I don't feel like doing
license grunt work, sorry.


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