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Some gb and dw for octave3.0 and h5utils

Some autobuilds for octave3.0 are stalled due to the broken
build-dependency texlive-base >= 2007-11.  it seems that it is okay now
(texlive-base is arch all and version 2007.dfsg.1-5 is in sid).  I think
it is safe to ask for give-backs on armel and s390. On the other hand,
there are broken gnuplot build-deps on hppa, ia64 and sparc I am not sure
about those.

Otherwise h5utils is stalled because of octave3.0.  Please add some
dep-waits and give-backs.

I hope the following syntax is correct (not sure whether the epoch number is

gb octave3.0_1:3.0.4~rc5-2 . armel s390
dw h5utils_1.10-7.1 . armel hppa ia64 . -m 'octave3.0 (>= 1:3.0.4~rc5-2)'
gb h5utils_1.10-7.1 . mips powerpc



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