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Re: libmtp7 -> libmtp8 transition

* Rafael Laboissiere [Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:22:54 +0100]:

Hello, Rafael.

> I hereby request the authorization to upload libmtp 0.3.6 to unstable.
> Since version 0.3.0-1 of the package, uploaded to experimental on June 30,
> 2008, the SOVERSION was bumped to libmtp8.  The current version in unstable
> ( has libmtp7.

Okay, let's see. I have the following comments:

> I looked at the packages that build-depend on libmtp-dev.  Here is the
> current situation:

> * amarok

>   The version currently in experimental ( depends already on
>   libmtp8.  Nothing to do here.

Such version of Amarok depends on KDE4, and I don't think it'll be
uploaded to unstable in time for the libmtp transition. Can you look
into whether the unstable version of amarok (1.4.10-2) can be built
against libmtp8 as-is, or with some minor patch? Thanks.

> * audacious-plugins

>   Version 1.5.1-2 needs a patch to src/mtp_up/mtp.c like the one attached
>   below.  The package compiles fine but I did not tested it with an MTP
>   device.


> * banshee

>   I could not build this package in my sid/experimental system because of a
>   complex web of dependencies starting with cli-common-dev.  However, Ubuntu
>   intrepid has version 1.2.1-3ubuntu1 that depends on libmtp8.

I'm CC'ing the banshee maintainer to see if he thinks that the version
in unstable can be rebuilt against libmtp8 or not, because I'm fearing
the version in experimental is tied to the Mono transition (can you
confirm, Sebastian?)

> * gnomad2  

>   Ubuntu has already done the transition since intrepid (version
>   2.9.1-1ubuntu1).  I advice to just apply the Ubuntu patch [1] to the
>   Debian package.
>   [1] http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gnomad2/gnomad2_2.9.1-1ubuntu1.diff.gz


> * mtpfs

>   Version 0.9 currently in experimental builds fine without changes against
>   libmtp-dev 0.3.6.

Good. Chris, is mtpfs 0.9 ready to be uploaded to unstable, or else, is
the unstable version buildable against libmtp8? Thanks.

> * rhythmbox  

>   Version 00.11.6-1 needs a patch to plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.c like
>   the one attached below.  The package compiles fine but I did not tested it
>   with an MTP device.


> If nobody objects, I will upload libmtp 0.3.6 to unstable in the next days.
> If the maintainers of the packages mentioned above take too much time to
> react, I will file appropriate bug reports.

Let's wait a bit on the input of the affected maintainers.


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