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Re: Uploading GNOME 2.24 to sid

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 10:04:10PM -0300, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> >> On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 09:13:33PM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> >> > Unless you can find someone who is committed to make GTK+ work on the
> >> > DirectFB backend, I strongly recommend that the installer considers
> >> > using X11 instead. 
> […] 
> I fear that if no one step ahead to maintain the directfb backend we'll
> end without any other option.

Excecutive summary:
  Solving this issue is DirectFB maintainers responsability.

Denis Oliver Kropp (DirectFB upstream) regularily works on patches to
update the DirectFB backend for GTK+, as the archives of the
directfb-dev mailling-list shows.

I am unsure on how well these patches get integrated in GTK+ upstream,
but they do exists.  DirectFB itself needs to be updated for Squeeze, and
IIRC, the last versions of GTK+/DirectFB do not work with the version of
DirectFB currently in Lenny/Sid.

So the first step to solve this is IMHO to look more closely at the
status of DirectFB librairies and backends; and this should probably be
done by DirectFB maintainers.

Depending on how easy it would be to update DirectFB before GTK+, it
could make sense to delay the introduction of the newer GTK+ version to
keep the graphical installer available…

However, if nothing is ready by now, breaking the graphical installer
for a few weeks is something that can IMHO be considered in such early
stages of the release cycle.

(And switching to X11 is a no-no, except if huge amount of people shows
 up right now to undertake of the massive amount of work required.)

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