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Re: Uploading GNOME 2.24 to sid

Le dimanche 15 février 2009 à 17:05 -0300, Otavio Salvador a écrit :
> Your comment fears me even more since it does look that we can end up
> without directfb support for long time... I think you agree with me that
> Graphical Installer can't be droped from Debian without a lot of people
> being unhappy and tagging it as a really serious regression for user POV
> so having it in mind I believe we need to find an alternative for it.

Unless you can find someone who is committed to make GTK+ work on the
DirectFB backend, I strongly recommend that the installer considers
using X11 instead. 

> Who was last people that worked at those patches? Could them help us on
> that?

Attilio Fiandrotti did a great job with GTK+ 2.10, but didn’t give much
news since. 

> In case they can't, do we have someone interested to work at it inside
> of GNOME/GTK/Debian GNOME team?

I don’t think so, but of course any help is welcome.

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