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Uploading GNOME 2.24 to sid


as suggested in the release announcement, I’m preparing to upload pieces
of GNOME 2.24 to sid. Of course this has an impact on many packages.
There are shlibs bumps in most libraries, especially libpango1.0-0 and
libgtk2.0-0 (libglib2.0-0 has a symbols file). This also includes
synchronizing with dependency libraries maintainers, so there will also
be libcairo2, libpoppler3, GStreamer, libepc, mono, libpt, ffmpeg,
libopal, libdbus, webkit and telepathy in the lot.

The upgrade includes the following library transitions :
      * libeel2-2.22 → libeel2-2.24
      * libgnome-desktop-2 → libgnome-desktop-2-7
      * libgnomekbd2 → libgnomekbd3
      * libgucharmap6 → libgucharmap7 (API change, applications need to
        be ported to libgucharmap2-dev)
      * libtotem-plparser10 → libtotem-plparser12
      * libnautilus-extension1 ABI changed, handled with dependencies

Of course, there is potential for a lot of breakage, especially in
nautilus. The known things that await us include:
      * Packages using the Breaks: field - apparently this caused some
        issues with sbuild in experimental
      * Broken graphical installer, until someone updates our GTK+
        DirectFB patches
      * Broken-ish nautilus on CIFS shares
      * Non-installable nautilus extensions until they are upgraded (if
        we did everything right) or worse, broken nautilus extensions
      * No seahorse agent nor gedit/epiphany support if seahorse-plugins
        is still stuck in the NEW queue
      * Clunky interface for network shares (although it does work
        correctly), and dubious support for local “user” mounts
      * Given the number of changes, we are bound to find some other
        broken things, but there are also lots of improvements and
        long-awaited bug fixes.

Is all of that OK with the release team?
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