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Re: Freeze exception request for twyt

On 27/01/09 01:37, Mauro Lizaur wrote:
> Well, as of today, i believe python-twitter works fine with Twitter API,
> but as Andrew said "...it being closed and unversioned means that I have 
> no way of knowing the chances of it changing significantly in the future...",
> so today both (twyt and python-twitter) may work like a charm, but i have no 
> idea if these modules would be useful one year from now, so probably the 
> best thing to do is to leave them on 'testing' (or volatile).
> But at the same time i'd like to know if would be possible to allow these 
> packages on Lenny (having in mind that both are working with *most* of the 
> Twitter API features, and trying to be up-to-date as possible), so this way 
> we have a chance to upload them on the future to "lenny-backports" when the 
> upstream changes are substantial.

Thanks for your input Mauro. I agree with what you said above.

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