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please unblock openoffice.org 1:2.4.1-17


as discussed on IRC (transcript follows for reference), please unblock
openoffice.org 1:2.4.1-17.

09:34 < _rene_> dato: ping?
09:35 < _rene_> dato: 
http://blogs.sun.com/GullFOSS/entry/what_could_possibly_go_wrong. can I include 
                the 2.4.2 fix for this. I forgot that so far and was just 
                reminded by upstream... It's 
09:35 < _rene_> dato: I'd upload -17 then...
09:36 < zobel> and again 55MB build log.
09:38 < luk_work> zobel: will you still be backup for mips?
09:38 < _rene_> ok, I could also just leave lenny broken... if you want that....
09:38 < zobel> luk_work: sure. it is just that p2 now is on his own, i don't 
               review the stuff he is doing any more.
09:39 < _rene_> luk_work: ^, you too.
09:40 < _rene_> dato, luk_work: i'd then start the build immediately...
09:42 < _rene_> dato. luk_work: also closes #481518 and #451699
09:57 < luk_work> _rene_: ok
09:58 < _rene_> luk_work: thanks, just told upstream :)



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