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Re: approval for planned upload of ipplan 4.86a-7


BTW, apache 1.3 is not in lenny. Maybe the 1.3 specific parts can be 

On Tuesday 13 January 2009, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> (Apache2 maintainers, CC'ed, context is #511293.)

>   elif [ -f /usr/lib/$webserver/modules/libphp5.so ]; then
>       a2enmod php5
>   fi
> ?
> Though if this is indeed the intended way to use it, let's see if
> the apache2 maintainers have any comments.

The question is if there is actually a good reason for ipplan's 
postinst to do that. If libapache2-mod-php5 is pulled in by the 
dependencies, its postinst will activate mod_php in apache2 and 
ipplan doesn't need to do anything. If php5 is already installed but 
is not enabled, the admin has manually disabled it and probably had 
some reason for that. I don't think ipplan should restore the 

If you add it, a2enmod is preferred.

For mod_actions and mod_cgi, it is less obvious what ipplan's postinst 
should do. I guess both ways are acceptable.

In any case, defining what webapps and apache modules should do in 
their maintainer scripts is definitely a project for squeeze.


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