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SuiteSparse 3.2.0

[N.B.: This message is being sent to the maintainers of all packages that
currently depend on libsuitesparse-3.1.0.]

The new upstream package SuiteSparse version 3.2.0 is now in experimental.
When it will be uploaded to unstable post-lenny, the new libsuitesparse-dev
will depend on libsuitesparse-3.2.0 and will force all the depending
packages to be rebuilt against it.

I therefore ask the maintainers of those depending packages to give a try
right now to the new SuiteSparse packages in experimental, such that the
transition will be smoother later.

Packages octave3.0 and octave3.1 have been already adapted (octave3.1 is
waiting on the NEW queue now).  The only changes needed for these packages
regarded some "char *" arguments that became "const char *" in SuiteSparse
3.2.0. Unfortunately, I cannot really tell you the complete list of API

Thanks in advance for your collaboration,

Rafael Laboissiere, Debian developer

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