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Re: Please let haproxy into lenny

* Arnaud Cornet [Sun, 04 Jan 2009 19:47:46 +0100]:

> > >   * Add quilt build-dependancy. Use quilt in debian/rules to apply
> > >     patches.

> > This isn't. Can you prepare a package to t-p-u that doesn't change the
> > packaging system?

> Ok, but there is no patch system in the current package.  What is the
> prefered way to deal with such case?

> Should I apply all patch and have a gory
> haproxy_1.3.15.2-2etch0.diff.gz (which I'd hate).
> Or whould it be ok to change debian/rules so that it applies the patches
> in a similar way that what quilt would do?

Ah. I read this thread on passing, and I thought that shipped
changes in .diff.gz, and that -2 converted that to quilt and added some
patches on top of it.

Seeing that haproxy_1.3.15.2-1.diff.gz only touches files in debian/*, I
think managing the newly introduced patches with quilt in -2 is a
reasonable thing to do: unblocked.

P.S.: Please consider using /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make in your rules
file for -3, instead of implementing the logic yourself.


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