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Incorrect code in SPARC shared libraries

Bug #506713 in gcc-4.3, which has just been fixed in unstable, results
in incorrect code generation in SPARC shared libraries.  I identified
this as the cause of bug #490999 in kicker, but it presumably affects
other shared libraries and will require binNMUs to fix.  However, doing
a binNMU for every package that builds a shared library would obviously
take a lot of buildd time and would likely make a mess of dependencies.

I do not know exactly what is the general pattern for the wrongly
generated code, but I will try scanning for shared libraries containing
the pattern:

        save %sp, offset1, %sp
        /* up to 10 instructions */
        ld [ %sp + offset2 ], reg

where offset1 + offset2 < 0 and reg is any register.


Ben Hutchings
Lowery's Law:
             If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

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