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libf2c2 20061008-4.1 (Bug#508565, intend to NMU)

Dear debian-release, Asheesh, Juan Carlos and Cyril,

libf2c2 currently suffers from bad style on 64bit archs where a long is
8 bytes (see #508565 and #442018).
The current maintainer fixed that with an ugly sed for alpha and ia64,
but there is also amd64 (and sparc64, but that's not present in Debian).
I have removed the sed call from debian/rules and instead of that
patched f2c.h with appropriate ifdefs and would like to have an ACK
before KiBi uploads my changes.

The changelog for my 4.1 NMU looks like this:
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Don't sed away long on alpha and ia64, that was an ugly hack.
  * Instead add some ifdefs to f2c.h so we catch all archs where
    a long is 8 bytes and use only int there (make sure not to break
    other architectures by keeping long int there).
    Update README.debian accordingly.
    Also update f2c.h0 and f2c_master.h, so the files match, even if
    they are unused.
    Closes: #442018, #508565.
  * Clean debian/*.debhelper.log.

You can find the debdiff at
and the whole source package at

Please note that I also changed f2c.h0 and f2c_master.h, which are
identical copies of f2c.h, even if the files are unused.

Dear Release Team, do you think that is okay for Lenny?
KiBi and I have tested the changes on amd64 and it seems to work
correctly now. However, this change might need binNMUs for all rdepends
of libf2c2 on amd64 (but the packages should be broken at the moment

Kind regards
Evgeni Golov

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