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Requesting a freeze exception for nbd_1:2.9.11-2


The main reason why I did the NBD upload was to fix #507875: a minor
documentation fix that I'm sure you guys would have approved without
thinking over the matter.

However there are a few other changes, some of which introduce minor
code changes, so let me walk you over them. From the changelog:

   * nbd-client: Install /etc/modprobe.d/nbd, which specifies a
     'max_part' parameter, to support partitions in NBD.
   * nbd-client.initrd: Strip partition number off the nbdbasedev and
     nbdrootdev parameters, to support booting off a partition rather
     than a device, if that is wanted.

This is to enable support for partitioned NBD devices (new since kernel
2.6.26, actually, which I understand is going into lenny). There's some
additions to the initrd script. I tested those changes extensively
before uploading, and I'm 100% sure that I had all of the new code

   * nbd-client.init.d: In case of root-on-nbd, save our PID to
     /lib/init/rw/sendsigs.omit.d, so that we don't lose our root
     filesystem prematurely on shutdown.

This is to better support root-on-nbd. With the current version,
/etc/init.d/sendsigs will kill off the nbd-client process that serves
the NBD device on which the root filesystem is mounted, which is
rather... painful. To say the least.

   * nbd-client.postinst: call update-initramfs -u, to make initramfs
     script be actually installed.

Since update-initramfs is a trigger, this won't be a problem unless you
install nbd-client all by itself right now. It should really be there,

   * configure.ac: remove KLCC crap, so that compilation doesn't break if
     klcc was accidentally installed. Is applied upstream for 2.9.12, but
     that isn't ready yet. Also, re-run autoconf.

Fixes an FTBFS bug.

   * nbd-server.1: clarify '-l host list' to be '-l host list filename',
     which it really is. Closes: #507875.

The aforementioned documentation bug

   * debian/control: bump standards-version to 3.8.0 (nothing applicable
     to nbd); add ${misc:Depends} to depends line on both nbd-server and
     nbd-client, both silence lintian to some extent.
   * debian/nbd-client.README.Debian: update

These two shouldn't be a problem, either.


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