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Re: xine-ui: ctrl/shift key press emulation implementation broken

I need some guidance on how to deal with the following related bugs:

#374644: xine-ui: ctrl/shift key press emulation implementation broken
#506001: xine-ui: xine causes left ctrl keyup events every 20 seconds
These are the same bug: xine-ui suppresses screensavers by injecting
fake keystrokes, which may be received by other windows.  It also
suppresses gnome-screensaver cleanly, so we could disable the key
injection code without affecting GNOME users.  However, this would be a
regression for users of the X server screensaver, xscreensaver or the
KDE screensaver.

My proposed fix involves using xdg-screensaver, which supports all the
different screensavers.  However, this suffers from the following bugs:
#508125: xdg-screensaver: Race in suspend/resume can lead to process leak
#508126: x11-utils: xprop -spy does not handle destruction properly
I do not think that these are, in themselves, RC.

I have now proposed fixes for all of these, and the result appears to be
robust.  Should I NMU with these fixes?  Should any of these bugs be


Ben Hutchings
Lowery's Law:
             If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

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