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Unblock request for inetutils/2:1.5.dfsg.1-9


This was uploaded 12 days ago or so, with no regressions reported. The
annotated changelog follows:

  * Install ping6 suid root by using “cp -a”. (Closes: #501910)

Makes ping6 unusable for non-root users.

  * Improve package desriptions:
    - Remove wrong acronym for ping. (Closes: #496441)
    - Decapitalize short descriptions.

Doc fixes.

  * Make the inetutils-inetd init.d script provide inetutils-inetd instead of
    inetd, to not conflict with other inetd implementations. (Closes: #507121)
    Thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen <petter.reinholdtsen@usit.uio.no>.

Dependency based boot release goal.

  * Call “set -e” in maintainer scripts to guarantee a correct exit status.

Policy must, §3.9 second paragraph.

  * Do not fail to start inetutils-inetd when there are services enabled in
    files under /etc/inetd.d/. (Closes: #500729)

Makes /etc/inetd.d/ unusable by default.

  * Create a new /etc/inetd.conf on install if there was none. Template file
    stolen from openbsd-inetd.

Quite painful for users installing inetutils-inetd on a system w/o
a replaced alternative inetd or an obsolete inetd.conf.


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