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Re: apertium t-p-u upload

* Miguel Gea Milvaques [Thu, 01 Jan 2009 21:46:37 +0100]:

> I've attached the differences to solve the problems in apertium. It's a
> t-p-u. It didn't closes #504028 because is a squeeze only problem.

> You could see that it closes two bugs. Both are closed and they was RC
> bugs. They should be reopened and closed because It was closed in the
> worst NMU I ever saw (If you want I'll reopen them before).

Please upload.

Sorry for the delay in replying, but your message had a bogus MIME tipe
and Mutt refused to display it. It said:

Content-type: application/pgp-keys; name=patch3.0.7+1-2~lenny2__3.0.7+1-2.diff

I don't know where that "application/pgp-keys" came from; if it's
reproducible, some MUA should gain a bug.


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