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Putting procps 3.2.7-9 into Lenny

Hello Release Team,
  I would like to propose that procps 3.2.7-9 be put into Lenny, instead
of procps 3.2.7-8.  There are some small but  (for some significant)
changes in this version.

The biggie is #460331. If you are like me and have only i386 computers
you don't see this bug at all :)  This fix basically reads all 7 numbers
in the cpu line instead of 4 (which it used to be in old kernels). These
numbers are used to work out the Hz->jiffy conversion.

Anyhow, if you have something strange like an Armel, ARM, qnap 209 and
probably other things, you will get this bug at some time.  Changing to
3.2.7-9 means our friends with these sorts of architectures won't (or
shouldn't) get that bug. I think hosts running Xen or other things like
it may get it too.

3.2.7-9 has been out since August, procps is in base so everyone has it
and there are no NEW bugs specific to 3.2.7-9 (ie that weren't in
3.2.7-8 or earlier)

 - Craig

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