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Re: Bug#457177: [Yaird-devel] Bug#457177: Bug#457177: keep yaird out of Testing

On Wed, 31 Dec 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> The issue he is specifically referring to above was cloned as 
> bug#457463. It was closed with the upload of yaird 0.0.13-1 5 months 
> ago.

any initramfs generator has to add relevant firmware to the initramfs out
of the box without user intervention and load it on boot.
yaird doesn't do that.

it feel really 90ish to combine drivers *and* firmware.
request_firmware() has been in linux-2.6 since long.
modprobe gives the relevant firmware output since lenny version at least.

> Max consistently clutter this metabug with FUD but refuse to discuss 
> details at each relevant bugreport.
> There are still outstanding issues, but I disagree that those are 
> release-critical (as I did a year ago).

there has been no progress since yaird 0.0.13 otherwise you'd be happy
to list it.

happy vacations

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