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Re: Bug#457177: keep yaird out of Testing

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On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 01:59:31PM +0100, Andreas Barth wrote:
>severity 457177 serious

[details on discussing individual issues separately snipped]

>Unfortunatly, I have to agree from a release team POV (i.e. speaking 
>with my Release Manager hat on) with maks on the general status of the 
>package, especially as maks spoke with his kernel arch maintainer hat 
>on (so his remarks shouldn't be lightly waived away).
>One might discuss about the adequate severity of the individual bugs, 
>but they together makes this package RC buggy. (Perhaps even some of 
>the individual bugs make it - we can discuss that at the individual bug 
>reports if wanted.) But there are some cases like "brutal hardcoding - 
>breaks ony every new linux image either due to /proc, /sys or 
>/boot/config hardcoded parsing see #443821 for the latest 2.6.23 
>variation" which are *not* fixed by adjusting to the current kernel, 
>but we expect some flexibility and robustness as long term strategy.

Do the release team still consider yaird too buggy for release with 

Yaird is no more "brutal" in its hardcoded knowledge about Linux than
initramfs-tools, it just hardcodes different kinds of info. If you 
disagree then please file a separate bugreport about what you believe is 
"brutal" about yaird.

Bug #443821 was *not* not "adjusted to the curent kernel" as Andreas 
interprets above.  I welcome discussing that issue in detail - but not 
here: Please discuss details at the related bugreport!

Yaird does *not* "break on every new linux image" - it has worked fine 
for the last 4 upstream releases of Linux. If you disagree then please 
discuss this issue at bug #457467.

True, yaird does not succeed in all cases. Neither do initramfs-tools. 
Main difference is that yaird often realize problems at ramdisk *build* 
time rather than runtime, so instead of rendering the whole system 
unbootable it only causes the installation of the new kernel to fail.

So I ask again: Do the release team still consider yaird too buggy for 
release with Lenny?

Kind regards,

  - Jonas

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