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Re: Emdebian archive key for Lenny

Neil Williams wrote:
> When the Lenny freeze started, I wasn't in any position to consider an
> Emdebian release based on Lenny, I was expecting to get the tools into
> Lenny and release with Squeeze. However, the delays to Lenny have meant
> that Emdebian is almost ready (as close as Debian at any rate) to a
> dual release alongside Lenny:

> Grip can use the standard Debian Installer images for the available
> architectures - all that is needed is a change in the choice of mirror,
> either manually or via preseeding. The problem is that the emdebian
> archive keyring is not available to the Lenny d-i because that uses
> only debian-archive-keyring, which is maintained by debian-release.

> I have prepared an emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb package if that is
> helpful - it currently Conflicts: with and Provides:
> debian-archive-keyring-udeb and consists of the d-a-k-udeb plus the
> emdebian key.

Would providing a debian-archive-kerying package (including the emdebian
key) in the emdebian archive not be sufficient (with a higher version
than the one in the Debian archive)?



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