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RFC: fix #510235 in virt-manager 0.5.4-4 or update virt-manager to 0.6.0-6

There's currently an RC bug (#510235) in virt-manager 0.5.4-4 that can
quiet easily be fixed. However given that virt-manger 0.6.0-6 + virtinst
0.400.4-7 fixes several other bugs such as:

virt-manager 0.6.0-6:
 * fixed installation from physical cdroms (Closes: #500263)
 * fixed network management as non root
 * fixed installation when selected network is not active
 * #510235 fixed upstream

virtinst 0.400.0-7 (needed by virt-manager >= 0.6.0):
 * support for d-i xen paravirt installs 
 * several fixes when running as non-root, without this
   virt-manager/virtinst are hardly usable as non root.

I wonder if it would make sense to hint these two packages (that got
probably more testing than the ones currently in lenny and have no
reverse dependencies) into Lenny instead.

If it's too late for this in the release process I'd like to upload a
version of virt-manager 0.5.4 with the fix at: 


to t-p-u to fix #510235.
 -- Guido

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