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Emdebian archive key for Lenny

When the Lenny freeze started, I wasn't in any position to consider an
Emdebian release based on Lenny, I was expecting to get the tools into
Lenny and release with Squeeze. However, the delays to Lenny have meant
that Emdebian is almost ready (as close as Debian at any rate) to a
dual release alongside Lenny:

Emdebian Crush 1.0 (based on Debian 5.0 "Lenny")
Emdebian Grip 1.0 (based on Debian 5.0 "Lenny")

Crush is the cross-built distro with lots of changes and is only
available for ARM. (Full GUI in 75Mb, installed). Crush cannot yet use
the standard Debian Installer.

Grip is a repacked distro that is binary compatible with Lenny and no
functional changes, available for 7 architectures, offering about a
25% reduction in installation sizes and can use normal d-i.

Both use Secure Apt with our own Emdebian archive key, currently in
Lenny as emdebian-archive-keyring.

Both releases are "developer releases", not yet as easy to use as Lenny
- think Slackware 1.0 or Debian buzz.

Crush is a very different prospect and I'll concentrate on Grip for
this request:

Grip can use the standard Debian Installer images for the available
architectures - all that is needed is a change in the choice of mirror,
either manually or via preseeding. The problem is that the emdebian
archive keyring is not available to the Lenny d-i because that uses
only debian-archive-keyring, which is maintained by debian-release.

I'd rather not have to build 21 d-i images (3 per arch) where the only
change is a single public key and what could otherwise be achieved with
preseeding. (Unless I'm mistaken, pre-seeding cannot change the keyring
used by debootstrap.) I've asked on debian-boot and it does look like
the only way is to either get the key into debian-archive-keyring-udeb
or rebuild every d-i image we need.

I realise that buildd.emdebian.org is not maintained by DSA and I
realise that having the Emdebian key in debian-archive-keyring would
mean that everyone would have the Emdebian key (is that really a
problem?) but is it at all possible to have the emdebian key in

deb http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/ unstable main

These two will be added shortly:
deb http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/ testing main
deb http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/ stable main


The key is 0x97BB3B58, signed by Wookey and myself.

I have prepared an emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb package if that is
helpful - it currently Conflicts: with and Provides:
debian-archive-keyring-udeb and consists of the d-a-k-udeb plus the
emdebian key.


Neil Williams

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