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Re: State of pci.ids

Martin Mares wrote:

> In the future (after Lenny), I would like to solve one more problem:
> with the current rate of development of new hardware, the pci.ids file
> is getting out of date very quickly and there is no way how to update
> it nicely.

> I suggest that we should split off the pci.ids file to a separate arch-independent
> package with a date-based version number, so that the users can mix pci.ids
> from several sources and still get consistent upgrades:
>    o  the base version present in the distribution;
>    o  potential updates from debian-volatile (once in a month?);
>    o  daily snapshots from the PCI ID database (I can easily make
>       the snapshot machinery produce Debian packages as well).
> What do you think of this approach?

volatile is up to the volatile maintainers, though updating it on
volatile won't make it usefull for installing new systems...

As for etchnahalf, we are also planning to do a lennynahalf which can
include updated packages for new hardware. New updates can also be done
in point releases after *nhalf by the way. For more info you'd best also
contact the project-etchnahalf @ teams.debian.net mailing list.



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